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Through genuine experience, we provide dynamic welding and fabrication solutions. Don’t settle for cookie cutter answers, allow Gledhill Consulting to open the doors to your welding opportunities.


Allow Us To Open Doors For You. 

Gledhill Consulting brings specialized knowledge and expertise to help optimize your fabrication business, improve efficiency, reduce costs, enhance quality, and ensure compliance with industry standards

Process analysis

Gledhill Consulting can assess the existing welding processes and workflows identifing areas that can be improved, such as eliminating bottlenecks, reducing cycle times, or enhancing efficiency.

quality control

Gledhill Consulting can review the quality control measures in place and suggest improvements to ensure consistent and high-quality welding results. This may involve implementing standardized procedures, conducting inspections, and introducing testing protocols.

training skills and development

Gledhill Consulting can assess the skill levels of the welding personnel and identify areas where additional training or certifications may be beneficial. They may recommend training programs or workshops to enhance the expertise of the workforce.

Welding equipment and technology

Gledhill Consulting can evaluate the welding equipment being used and recommend upgrades or replacements if necessary. They may suggest adopting new welding technologies, such as automation or robotics, to improve productivity and reduce costs.

Safety and compliance

Ensuring a safe working environment and compliance with relevant regulations is crucial. Gledhill consulting can review the safety protocols and compliance measures in place and provide recommendations for improvement, which may include updating safety equipment, implementing safety training programs, and conducting regular audits.


Try Our Trademarked Process

Initial Consultation

We begin by setting up an initial consultation with you. During this meeting, our experts engage in a discussion to understand your needs, challenges, and objectives.

Assessment & Analysis

Once we have a clear understanding of what you need, our team conducts a thorough assessment of your welding operations or the specific challenge at hand.

Solution Development

Armed with insights from the assessment, our experts then work collaboratively to develop a customized solution. This may involve developing new weld procedures and more.

From Our Founder

Gledhill Consulting

Our company was founded on the pillars of excellence, innovation, and a commitment to ensuring the safety and quality of welding operations across various industries. Our team, comprised of dedicated experts, shares a common vision; to be the trusted partner that businesses turn to for solutions to their welding and NDT challenges.

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