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We believe in investing in people. Our comprehensive training programs and workshops are designed to enhance the skills and knowledge of your welders and welding personnel. Safety, proper technique, and continuous professional development are at the core of our training initiatives.

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Our bespoke services are designed to cater to the unique challenges your business faces, regardless of your industry. We specialize in creating custom-tailored business roadmaps that are built exactly to fit your needs.

  • Quality Assurance
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Our Specialties

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safety and compliance auditing

cost analysis and budgeting

documentation and record keeping

material and consumable optimization

training and skills development

quality control optimization

welding procedure development

welding equipment and technology

troubleshooting and problem resolution


What We Can Do For You

As your trusted partner, we provide a diverse range of tailored solutions to cater to your welding and non-destructive testing (NDT) needs. Our services are designed to ensure safety, quality, and efficiency in your welding operations, backed by the expertise of our dedicated team.

Weld Inspection

Ensure the integrity and quality of your welds with our rigorous weld inspection services.

Non-Destructive Testing

Our NDT services employ advanced techniques to evaluate the integrity of materials and structures.

Consultancy Services

Our experts are available to provide insights and solutions for your welding and NDT challenges.

Material Testing

We conduct comprehensive material testing to assess suitability for specific applications.

From Our Founder

Gledhill Consulting

Our company was founded on the pillars of excellence, innovation, and a commitment to ensuring the safety and quality of welding operations across various industries. Our team, comprised of dedicated experts, shares a common vision; to be the trusted partner that businesses turn to for solutions to their welding and NDT challenges.