Case Study

Case Study

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Industry: Marine Construction

Client: AquaMarine Engineering

AquaMarine Engineering, a prominent player in the marine construction industry, was facing issues with the welding of underwater structures. The company experienced recurrent weld defects and material failures, which significantly affected the project timelines and escalated costs. They reached out to Gledhill Consulting for a comprehensive solution to improve the quality and efficiency of their underwater welding operations.


How our tailored solutions can drive success.

Our Approach

We initiated our collaboration with AquaMarine by analyzing their welding procedures and challenges. We then developed optimized welding procedures tailored for underwater conditions and provided training for their welders. Implementing Non-Destructive Testing (NDT) ensured weld quality, while ongoing monitoring helped in refining the processes. This comprehensive approach significantly enhanced their operations.


Through our tailored approach, AquaMarine Engineering experienced an 80% reduction in weld defects, 60% cost savings on rework and material wastage, and notably shorter project timelines. Additionally, the implementation of NDT ensured the safety and integrity of the underwater structures, while the training programs enhanced the capabilities of their welding workforce.

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Our underwater structures are now built with confidence, knowing that we have the backing of Gledhill’s welding and NDT specialists.”

Matthew Reynolds, Project Manager, AquaMarine Engineering

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